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Our Service

The site serves as an online platform for empowering the public’s giving issue by making it possible to give charity and charity to organizations and individuals.

This platform enables organizations and individuals to run an advertising campaign to raise funds for charitable causes by providing various tools to raise funds to encourage donations, assistance and assistance from the public.

The site serves as a platform only by providing online service to raise funds and receive donations, the site acts as an intermediary between the donor and the organization and provides advertising and marketing services by various means


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Limitation of Liability

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Third Party Content

The site may contain links to a third-party web site. These links are provided for the convenience of the end user only and do not imply the sponsorship of CoinZ to the content found on these websites. CoinZ are not responsible for any representation and / or content of those websites that link to the site and is not responsible for the accuracy, correctness, reliability, completeness and / or usability of any content and information appearing on websites linked to. The end-user knows that visiting a Web site that you visit on the site may cause additional damage, including viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. If the end user decides to access a third party web site via a link on the site, it does so at his own risk. Give.org.il shall not be liable for any direct and / or indirect damage caused and / or likely to be caused to you as a result of use or as a result of reliance on the information appearing on the websites accessed by you on the Site.

Sending notices by CoinZ or anyone on its behalf to end users

CoinZ would like to send you e-mails to update you, to the e-mail address provided when you open your account. You hereby authorize you to send such e-mails. If you wish to stop receiving such e-mails, you are welcome to contact us by e-mail or to click the removal button that appears in the body of the e-mail

Funds Transfer

All funds collected through the site’s services are collected by credit card. It is hereby clarified that all payments collected from the donor to the right of the campaign owner through the site are subject to and depend on the donor’s credit card provider without any liability. The site and the site have no influence or responsibility whatsoever.

It is hereby emphasized that if there is any disagreement or misunderstandings between the site and the campaign owner regarding the details of the donations made through the site’s services, all information and data appearing and stored on the site and the site’s computers will be determined and decided.

Inquiries and Cancellation of Payments

After making a donation – in All or Nothing campaigns, credit card billing is done at the end of the campaign and a receipt and donation confirmation will be sent to the donor at the email address entered. In campaigns with a flexible target, each donation requires a confirmation of the amount of the donation immediately received directly to the email address provided by the donor.

Donations made on the site are transferred directly to the organization that makes the campaign, after making a donation – it can not be canceled and received a refund. Moreover, the non-profit organization receiving the donation is not required to comply with the donor’s demand for a refund.

You can also contact us at give.org.il@gmail.com or mail.coinz@gmail.com and we will assist you in contacting the organization and solving the problem.